Value of Service Offerings to Government

  • Compliance, accurate reporting and filing of appropriate tax/financial information
  • Reducing operational costs for tax audits and fees charged by audit firms
  • Increased awareness of statutory requirements and tax obligations through disseminating tax updates, best practices, and compliance to clients and employees
  • Up-to-date statutory information to clients via web portal and monthly newsletters

Value of Service Offerings to Employees

  • Prompt updates on HR/Payroll information making employees feel informed and valued
  • Statutory updates on regulatory changes that affect employees available online
  • Service offerings that increase employee morale and performance

Value of Service Offerings to Employers

  • Consistency of financial/HR data input
  • Reduction in errors
  • Financial control, planning and analysis
  • Excellent reporting tools
  • Compliance processes and systems
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3TF — The Value Driven Idea

TTTF International Limited (3TF) was founded in 2009 with the vision to deliver superior, simple, and affordable business outsourcing solutions to; small to large businesses, government, non-governmental organizations, international, and religious organizations. 3TF’s primary objective is to streamline your business processes from Payroll, HR Management, Financial Management, Business Process Development and Implementation to Corporate Advisory Services. 3TF saves both time and money and improves compliance, enabling our clients to focus on what they do best – delivering results and value to their stakeholders and customers. 3TF also offers value added resources to both the employer and employee assisting with tax and statutory updates, recruitment and compensation best practices. Our management team has extensive experience of working with international development agencies, government agencies in West and East Africa, private sector, and NGOs in Africa, USA and Europe.
3TF is headquartered in Lagos Nigeria.

  • To provide superior, simple, and affordable business outsourcing solutions.

Value Proposition

3TF’s client driven solutions deliver value – – saving time and money, with increased consistency, visibility and compliance.
By outsourcing your Financial Management, Payroll and HR functions to 3TF, your company can save in two very important areas: Time and Money. Companies have to comply with statutory requirements and by outsourcing financial management, payroll and HR functions, they are paying for a service and are not burdened by huge “overhead” costs.