3TF delivers accurate and compliant business outsourcing services in Nigeria — providing you with instant access to payroll and HR data from convenient SaaS platforms. We offer an array of services that deliver consistency, visibility and security to our clients.

Payroll Services

3TF provides tasks associated with payroll delivery:

  • Payroll processing and pay slip printing
  • Taxes and benefit computations
  • Payroll and management reports
  • Year-end reports
  • Provides payroll processing, IT, Software helpdesk and maintenance support to clients

Download the diagrams: Service Delivery Framework
3TF provides its core services by calculating payroll and PAYE tax obligations for each employee, printing and delivering checks/paystubs, and providing management reports. 3TF can manage payrolls for businesses that run payroll weekly, biweekly (every other week), semi-monthly (twice a month) or monthly. The other three general categories of added-cost payroll options are payroll distribution, data collection, and benefit management features.

Payroll distribution

3TF offers options for payroll distribution come payday. Clients can select the right option for their employees.

Direct deposit – 3TF can also transfer payroll funds directly into employee bank accounts, issuing a voided payroll statement instead of an actual check to each employee. Highly regarded for its convenience and security, direct deposit is one of the most popular options of payroll services. On the administrative side, direct deposit speeds up check reconciliation, so that businesses know exactly when funds will be withdrawn from the payroll account. Also, since funds are transferred electronically, employees often have the option of depositing money into several different accounts. It also reduces the number of trips to the bank!

Paycheck delivery – This option provides delivery of employee pay slips. Your employees can access both their current and historical pay slips using a web browser at anytime from anywhere. Each employee will have a user ID and password to enable them to view the current and historic pay slips, and will be sent an email notification to view their pay slips online.

Data Processing/Reports Management
Data processing is how a company’s payroll information is managed. Companies with hourly workers, for example, may have employees swipe time cards through machines so that hours are automatically calculated and easily transferred to the 3TF portal for processing. To help keep track of this data, 3TF can issue reports summarizing each payroll period. Most reports include information such as gross to net payroll totals and employee tax liability totals for individual employees. More detailed information, including breakdowns by department or by location, can also be included. Reports can be customized for an additional charge — or companies can choose from existing formats. This information can be downloaded from 3TF’s web portal.


3TF Nigeria Gross to Net (G2N) Platform — powered by iiPAY, UK.

3TF’s Nigeria Gross to Net (G2N) platform powered by iiPAY under the Global Payroll Management System (GPMS) has been designed from its inception to manage multi-client payroll and can be adapted to include a payment module for vendor and services payments. The system will improve quality of payroll across clients, through the common rules and validation routines, delivering consistent data processing at the country level. The system also provides a single view of all pay-types and real-time integration, offering visibility, compliance and reporting across organisational payroll process from any location.

The system is designed to manage the end to end payroll processes, and is ideal for organisations who wish to manage their payroll delivery model. The technical solution offers a mechanism to load and manage data from many sources, whether this is from a client application or from a spreadsheet. The system also offers a common management interface to process the employees and payrolls, controlled by rules which define the client needs, and the reporting capabilities throughout the process provide the controls and visibility to deliver timely and accurate payroll.

As the system is web-based, you and your team have real-time, anywhere access, via a standard web browser, delivering a range of benefits to your organisation. Any interaction with the system is based entirely on your needs, responsibilities and processes, and your organisation is not limited by location or IT Infrastructure. The system is hosted by iiPAY, and there are no hardware, security or continuity issues and no costly equipment, application upgrades and absolutely no maintenance costs. The system is delivered to organisations of any size, from international corporate companies made up of regional organisations through to small businesses with a few employees per client, delivered over the internet as a true Software-as-a-Service solution.

Data Input

The 3TF platform designed by iiPAY offers flexibility across organisations, from manual entry for organizations where there are a small number of employees through to a direct feed from a HR application covering multiple sites with large employee populations.

Additional Features
Analysis (MIS)
Sample Report

The iiPAY application provides a wide range of reporting and output throughout the payroll process:
Download the diagrams: Payroll Services Output

Additional Features
An Excel tab for each pay period provides a detailed breakdown of every item for every employee, and exchange rates used for currency conversion. In addition to the standard reports, the system offers an on-line analysis tool which gives managers and budget holders a dashboard view of their employee costs and the ability to drill down, filter and group costs globally.
Analysis (MIS)

The consolidation of the payroll output for all countries provides a single source of common reporting, which in turn provides amalgamated, granular data for other processes, departments or systems. It is also used to populate the data warehouse behind the iiPAY online reporting tool. This gives you the ability to query and analyse your global payroll information, starting from simple interactive dashboard summaries where you can drill down into the detail, and slice and dice the information by any organisational criteria to allow full, comparative reporting or just produce ad hoc management reports. The security of the reporting tool caters for different roles, over and above the Global Payroll Management System, thus allowing much broader management access and full financial analysis while ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive employee personal information.

Sample Report
Download the diagrams: Sample Report

Direct input

Information can be entered directly into the application.

Upload tool

Powerful and intuitive data upload tool capable of mapping and translating data from a variety of formats

Custom uploads

Direct and automated data feeds from HR, Time Attendance and other employee management systems

Financial Management Support Services

As a small or medium sized business owner, you need an outsourcing service provider that can go beyond the numbers and relieve the anxieties caused by problems commonly associated with a business not keeping good financial and HR records. We focus on working with small or medium business owners to put in place adequate management and internal controls with a simple but adequate book of records that reflects the true financial position of the business.

In your search for a firm that can help you put your financial house in order, 3TF is your one stop shop with a well-rounded suite of business services from bookkeeping a la carte, business process development, corporate advisory and business consulting services, to payroll and HR outsourcing services.
By utilizing our value-added services, our clients can focus on their core business as we save time and money, and manpower while ensuring compliance with Statutory Regulations.

3TF provides outsourced bookkeeping and financial management services customized for your business. You can choose which tasks you want to perform internally and which tasks you want to outsource to us on an a la carte basis.
If you want full-service bookkeeping to be performed by 3TF’s staff on a daily and weekly basis – we can become your complete bookkeeping and finance department.
If you prefer to handle the bookkeeping in-house, but want 3TF to oversee your staff, we’ll act as your outsourced controller and perform monthly and periodic closings. The choice is yours.

Financial Management Resource Center (Forms, Templates, Tools and Guidelines) – 3TF offers an array of resource which provides relevant financial management forms, documents, and templates. Forms include: Financial Management & Accounting Manual, Accounts Payable & Receivable Vouchers, Cash Receipts Voucher, Vehicle Use logs, Chart of Accounts Template, Description of Accounting System, Payroll and Timesheet templates, etc.

HR Support & Services

3TF provides HR support services that allows clients to strategically integrate effective HR processes, programs and practices into their daily operations. Our main goal is to maximize client’s performance related to human resources by introducing or marketing "best practice" services and technology that can help to manage all HR requirements, and guides decisions and benchmarks your HR progress. We also provide periodic feedback to clients regarding their performance related to annual management objectives; while the organization can focus on what it does best.

From employee recruitment to retention, training and leadership development 3TF helps your business comply with the many employment laws and uses “best practice” people leadership techniques to build positive, engaging, and productive employees. Our highly trained staff is available to assist with employee challenges, compliance questions and people management techniques.
We also advise on specific payroll matters (specific compensation due to terminations, resignations, sick leaves, annual holidays, statutory salary increases in place, payments in addition to monthly payments etc.)
We offer the following HR Support products and services:

3TF assists with writing job descriptions for every position under your direction. Draft job descriptions are then reviewed by employees, who perform the job, and their reporting supervisor to make any needed adjustments. This results in clear, powerful job descriptions that clarify expectations, roles, duties and responsibilities. These job descriptions help in the selection of new employees, performance evaluation, compensation and work assignment coordination.

Corporate Advisory Services

3TF, through our exclusive sub-partners offers a broad range of Corporate Advisory Services ranging from filing of company’s annual returns with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), assisting in registration with both the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) and the State Internal Revenue Services for the purpose of deducting and remitting all statutory taxes on behalf of clients to the government. This includes VAT remittance. These services have been successfully provided to current 3TF oversees clients with local presence in Nigeria. At 3TF we also act on behalf of organizations in the application for Tax Identification Number (TIN) and PAYER Identification Number. Our client driven services will enable our clients to focus more on their core business operations and further benefit from greater efficiencies, cost reduction, performance improvements and economies of scale derived through outsourcing.